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  1. Hey guys, 2 weeks from now a friend in Stuttgart showed me videos on TV. NOIR really nice stuff. (I must call myself a music-nerd but last year I lost it a bit u know when u just cant find the right stuff) Then came ur Sprinsteen cover and it gone straight to my heart and brought up memories (Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Will Oldham etc) I listened to your own stuff when I was back in Berlin – great – u started a fire in just with this unbelievable live performance just a ten min walk from here. You guys got everything good music needs. Goosebumps everytime I show it u got the whole audience at that night. Thx for bringing music back into my life, all the best urs Micha

  2. auftritt beim kontakt-festival in bamberg. das beeindruckendste, was ich an live-music seit langem gehört habe!!!

  3. Hi Cherilyn, ich bin mittlerweile schon bei 3 Dear Reader-Konzerten gewesen und war jedes mal aufs neue begeistert. Der Auftritt der TVnoir Tour war einfach klasse. Deine neuen Songs klingen auch fantastisch. Bin jetzt schon Fan von dem neuen Album. Wann wird es erscheinen?? Viele liebe Grüße Steffi

  4. Hey!

    Any chance dass es auf der kommenden Tour doch auch ein Konzert in Wien geben wird? :)

    All the best!

  5. omg i’ve just read that you had a gig just a 15 minute walk away from my home and nobody told me :(
    i love your music and am looking forward to listen to your new album.
    greetings from saarbrücken, alex

  6. btw. i saw you first on tv noir some time ago and started to like you immediately. your good german skills impressed me deeply. why is the interview that will be aired tonight at ZDF in english?

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